CleanTech London

Connecting London’s cleantech experts to accelerate a low carbon future for all.

CleanTech London is a collaborative partnership that aims to bring together London’s cleantech sector, understand its needs and support its growth.

Our mission is to help London become a world leading cleantech innovation hotspot, creating the inclusive jobs and sustainable businesses of the future.

CleanTech London has four overarching aims:

Build an inclusive, well networked cleantech community with a unified voice to represent London nationally and globally.

Enable business growth by ensuring key barriers to developing, commercialising and scaling-up cleantech innovations are addressed.

Stimulate innovation and enhance market access by supporting London’s cleantech innovators to address London’s own environmental and economic challenges.

Collaborate with other UK cities and regions to mainstream innovative cleantech solutions.

Defining CleanTech

Cleantech products and services that remediate or avoid the environmental damage created by human activity. CleanTech London’s scope and focus aligns to London’s key environmental challenges.

  • Air quality

  • Ambient noise

  • Climate adaptation: flooding, heat, water stress

  • Clean transport

  • Energy efficient buildings

  • Circular economy

  • Waste and recycling

  • Green infrastructure and biodiversity

  • Clean energy