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    BIG (Business, Innovation, Growth) South London

    BIG, which stands for Business, Innovation & Growth, in South London is a new programme of support which brings together the world-class knowledge, expertise and facilities of six universities for the benefit and economic recovery of South London based businesses and communities.

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    Centre for Greening Finance and Investment

    Led by the University of Oxford, with physical hubs in Leeds and London, CGFI will support companies and start-ups commercialise products that can green global finance.

  • Air quality

    CO2RE Removal Hub

    CO2RE is a multi-disciplinary, multi-centre national research hub on Greenhouse Gas Removal. It conducts research, co-ordinates demonstration projects around the UK, connects to other relevant national and international programmes, and commissions grants through a flexible fund.

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    UCL Energy Institute

    Part of the part of The Bartlett, University College London's faculty of the built environment, delivering learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security.

  • Energy efficient buildings

    University of Brunel – Energy and Built Environment

    The Centre for Energy and Built Environment Research group (CEBER) conducts research on ways to use energy resources efficiently and reduce the environmental impacts of energy consuming equipment and buildings.

  • Clean energy

    Valuable Batteries

    Led by HSSMI the project aims to produce a end-of-life lithium supply chain by reusing, remanufacturing and recycling automotive batteries.

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    The UK's National Metrology Institute, developing and maintaining the national primary measurement standards. Key focus areas include applying advances in measurement to make energy generation and transport more efficient and affordable, and to improve the quality of data available on climate change and environmental pollution.

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    Place-based Climate Action Network

    P-CAN seeks to strengthen the links between national and international climate policy and local delivery through place-based climate action: initially through three city-level climate commissions, in Belfast, Edinburgh and Leeds. Led by LSE's Grantham Institute.

  • Waste & recycling

    Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

    Cross disciplinary group of UCL academic experts creating solutions to plastic waste. Funded UKRI, partners include: P&G, VOID, Recycling Technologies, British Plastics Federation, Veolia, FLO and Mace.

  • Clean transport

    RCA Intelligent Mobility Design Centre

    Research centre exploring the intersection of people, mobility and technology within a complex and changing urban and global environment.