Our companies

Our community of climate innovators – alumni of Imperial’s Climate accelerator since 2011 and companies we are supporting to scale.


  • Adaptavate

    Adaptavate are developing bio-based carbon positive plasterboard and plaster for the sustainable construction industry of the future.

  • Addionics

    Addionics provides AI based Smart 3D Electrodes that unlock improvements in capacity, power, safety, charging time, lifetime and costs for batteries with any chemistry, existing or emerging.

  • Aeropowder

    Aeropowder are creating sustainable insulation materials from feathers. Their first product is pluumo - a sustainable thermal packaging material designed to replace expanded polystyrene used during food deliveries.

  • Alchemie Technology

    Alchemie have developed digital textile dyeing and finishing technologies which deliver a significant reduction in energy consumption and eliminate contaminated wastewater emissions in manufacturing processes.

  • Antaco

    Antaco has developed a technology that processes any type of wet organic waste into carbon-netural biofuel for heat generation and electrification.

  • anywhereHPLC

    anywhereHPLC brings the power of high-performance liquid chromatography out of the lab and into the hands of anyone, anywhere.

  • Aqdot

    Aqdot's revolutionary 5-in-1 molecule capture and release technology captures odours, pollutants, allergens and viruses.

  • Arborea

    Arborea is developing pioneering technology to purify air by using photosynthesis in microscopic plants such as microalgae and phytoplankton. BioSolar Leaf produces healthy food ingredients, generates breathable oxygen and sequesters carbon dioxide.

  • Bramble Energy

    Bramble Energy designs and manufacture high-performance, low-cost, hydrogen fuel cell stacks using printed circuit board materials and processes.

  • Breathe Battery Technologies

    Breathe Battery Technologies have developed advanced battery software that provides deep insights into battery health for automotive and consumer electronics markets.


  • Brill Power

    Brill Power have developed intelligent battery management and control technologies to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for stationary energy storage and electric vehicles.

  • Cambond

    Cambond have developed adhesives made out of bio-resin removing the need for oil extraction and the use of dangerous chemicals. Applications include cosmetics to plastics, packaging, clothes, furniture, and building materials.

  • Carbon Analytics

    Carbon Analytics integrates with accounting software used by SMEs to automatically produces comprehensive footprint data for use in reporting, marketing, and operational improvements.

  • Caredall

    Caredall is developing a range of carbon reduction technologies focused on innovative building control sensors.

  • Climate Edge

    Climate Edge have developed an online platform that connects smallholder farmers to service providers - handling payment, data integration and model hosting.

  • CocoPallet

    CoCoPallet produce fully circular, bio-based, 100% wood-free pallets from coconut husk waste

  • Creol

    Creol empowers people and businesses to lower their impact on the planet by tracking and offsetting their carbon emissions.

  • Desolenator

    Desolenator addresses the global water and climate crisis through their patented solar powered desalination systems.

  • DryGro

    DryGro is producing next-generation protein alternatives to soy from water lentils, for animal feed and human consumption.

  • Econic Technologies

    Econic Technologies' catalysts enable the use of captured CO₂ to make better plastics, at lower cost, more sustainably.


  • Emergent Energy

    Emergent Energy's system solution for housing companies uses energy storage to cut the cost of installing heat pumps, solar panels and EV charging points.

  • Enermap

    Enermap's EPC analysis tools supports European consumers and businesses to make the optimal decisions on where to live, shop, and work.

  • enLight

    enLight delivers instant savings in energy and maintenance costs and transforms existing light infrastructure into a living communications network, from which numerous value-added services can be delivered.

  • Farad.ai

    Electricity demand will triple by 2050 and the industry does not have full visibility over its supply chain; the electrical grid. This lack of visibility is leading to frequent large-scale power cuts. Farad.ai's AI-powered digital twin maps out and predicts electricity congestion to solve this problem.

  • GrowUp Farms

    GrowUp Farms brings customers food that doesn’t cost the earth. We’ve spent almost a decade growing salads at three vertical farms, bringing customers restaurant-quality leafy greens that stay fresher for longer. We’ve lowered our costs and carbon footprint using a proprietary high-efficiency renewable energy system.

  • H2Go Power

    H2Go Power develop and deliver hydrogen energy storage technology for zero-emission, safe and reliable power supply, with a range of commercial applications.

  • Ichthion

    Ichthion has developed cutting-edge technologies to restore the ocean environment by removing plastics and synthetic waste from river basins before it travels through the entire marine ecosystem.

  • Immaterial

    Immaterial are commercialising breakthrough innovations in the use of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) - nanoporous materials capable of acting as “molecular sponges” – storing and separating gas molecules. The technology platform is commercialised in markets ranging from hydrogen storage to carbon capture, respiratory protection to indoor air filtration.

  • Kooling

    Kooling empowers businesses to become greener, stronger and aligned with existing and upcoming laws and regulations. Focusing on mobility and by leveraging Big data, Kooling enables effortless emissions measurement and mitigation including Scope 3.

  • KrakenFlex

    KrakenFlex is a cloud-based platform that controls distributed energy assets with machine learning and artificial intelligence to match supply and demand.


  • Libertine FPE

    Libertine have developed linear power systems that produce on-demand clean power from renewable fuels, complementing battery electrification in transport and balancing intermittent renewables on the grid.

  • LightFi

    Lightfi’s solutions enable commercial spaces to save on energy and create healthy efficient workspaces through the use of real-time occupancy data, integrated with building management systems.

  • Lixea

    Lixea is developing an innovative biomass fractionation process to convert waste wood, agricultural by-products and sustainably grown biomass into high-quality alternatives to petrochemical based materials and fuels.

  • Materra

    Materra builds resilient farming systems to empower more sustainable cotton supply chains, developing an efficient and sustainable approach with higher yields, higher quality, and higher resource efficiency.

  • MeshPower Rwaanda

    MeshPower’s solar powered nanogrids and smart metering systems provide affordable electricity to communities without access to energy.

  • Mimica

    Mimica is creating the next generation of food expiry labelling that reduces food waste and improves food safety.

  • Mixergy

    Mixergy have developed a suite of home energy management technologies centred around smart, connected hot water tanks.

  • Modularity Grid

    Modularity Grid is an AI platform that makes smaller scale revewable energy systems more efficient and resilient.

  • Multus Media

    Multus Media are developing new growth media, to make cultivated meat affordable and profitable.


  • Nafici Environmental Research

    Nafici's patented EcoPulping process converts agricultural waste into an unbleached paper pulp that is a more sustainable alternative for manufacturing paper and packaging products.

  • Naked Energy

    Naked Energy specialises in solar technology and energy conservation: ‘Virtu’ is a revolutionary and patented hybrid solar panel that generates both electricity and heat for commercial and industrial applications.

  • Notpla

    Notpla is a sustainable company based in London on a mission to make packaging disappear. The company has pioneered the use of seaweed as an alternative to single-use plastic.

  • Oak Network

    Oak’s energy management platform identifies actionable & affordable ways for businesses to reduce their energy bill and carbon footprint.

  • Onsee

    Onsee aims to eliminate barriers to sustainable mobility and is on a mission to create safer cycling with better data. Onsee has developed an on-cycle dashcam (Rebo) enabling cyclists to capture and share details and video footage of their near misses with a click of a button.

  • Origen

    Origen Carbon Solutions' production process for zero-carbon lime can be deployed to remove billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • PES Technologies

    PES Technologies' handheld sensors will provide a comprehensive in-field analysis of soil health in five minutes - increasing the efficiency and efficacy of land management decision-making by agricultural practitioners.

  • Phytoform

    Phytoform is unlocking the power of plant genetics to make the agricultural industry sustainable.

  • Piclo

    Piclo Flex enables distribution network operators to access customer flexibility to manage network congestion. Piclo Engage gives generators and consumers control over their energy by showing where electricity is generated and sold.


  • Pilio

    Pilio provides businesses with effective building energy software tools and expert guidance to enable their transformation to net zero and nature positive.

  • Powervault

    Powervault designs and manufactures smart energy storage systems, which store solar and grid electricity to reduce energy bills and increase energy efficiency.

  • Puraffinity

    Puraffinity are designing and manufacturing novel advanced materials to absorb and remove harmful pollutants, with an initial focus on PFAS, from water and wastewater.

  • Q-Bot

    Q-Bot develops intelligent systems to inspect, monitor and maintain the health of buildings using robotics and AI. Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation innovations eliminates draughts, cuts carbon emissions, improves thermal comfort and reduces heating costs.

  • Rezatec

    Rezatec’s geospatial artifical intelligence systems help business leaders to manage their ground-based assets and critical infrastructure remotely, at scale. Industries supported include water, energy, forestry and agriculture.

  • RFC Power

    RFC Power specializes in developing novel flow battery chemistries for energy storage systems.

  • Samad Power

    Samad Power is developing turbogenerator solutions for local generation of electricity and heat based on innovative micro gas turbine technology.

  • Shellworks

    Shellworks is on a mission to make plastic waste a thing of the past by creating truly compostable packaging solutions.

  • Skyroom

    Skyroom is a technology, design, and airspace development company. We originate, design and deliver homes in the airspace above existing buildings. Our mission is to deliver affordable, sustainable, beautiful homes for key workers, near where they work.


  • SMAP Energy

    SMAP Energy has developed novel machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to analyse data collected via smart meters, explore user behaviour and derive insights to make the energy sector more efficient.

  • Solaris Offgrid

    Solaris Offgrid's flagship software PaygOps enables credit to be provided to under-served communities to pay incrementally for using sustainable products such as solar home systems and water pumps.

  • Sweetgen

    Sweetgen has developed low cost, high reactivity catalysts for a wide variety of industry applications including desinfection and sanitation, wastewater treatment and food packaging.

  • Thermacool

    Thermacool's range of ceiling tiles and wall panels contain phase change compounds to store heat. The thermal mass of phase change materials can capture and release energy to smooth out peaks and troughs of the heating and cooling cycle.

  • TruckLabs

    TruckLabs designs and builds technology for the long-haul trucking industry. Its flagship product, TruckWings, is an aerodynamic device that is installed to close the gap between cab and trailer on large trucks to save fuel. The device is now being used by four of the top 10 trucking companies in North America.

  • Urban Electric

    Urban Electric is building low impact electric vechicle charging hubs that preserve the urban streetscape.

  • Urgentem

    Urgentem is an independent provider of transparent, granular and science-aligned greenhouse gas emissions data as well as climate risk analytics solutions to the finance industry.

  • Wase

    Wase has developed a solution to recover energy, nutrients, and water from wastewater. The solution is applicable to sewage, domestic waste management, industrial waste and agricultural waste.

  • Wrightsolar

    The Shower Power Booster pump is a unique and innovative technology which produces the same effect as a pump twenty times larger using just one-twentieth of the energy.