Startup accelerator

The Greenhouse is a 12-month innovation programme for climate positive technology startups that offers early-stage (“pre-seed”) entrepreneurs access to business coaching with experienced professionals, a range of masterclasses, free workspace at our new headquarters in central London, and equity-free grant funding.

Cohort one

  • Algreen

    Algreen developed the first algal biodegradable and environmentally sustainable labels to replace the plastic tags and stickers for all kinds of industries.

  • Carbon Infinity

    Developing a modular, highly-scalable, direct air capture (DAC) technology to initially facilitate the de-fossilisation of hard-to-decarbonise industries, while also conducting large-scale carbon removal.

  • Construction Carbon

    Helping builders to easily measure, benchmark, offset and certify carbon in their construction activities

  • Cryogenx

    Delivering portable cooling capacity comparable to an ice bath with only 2% of the resources

  • Dodo

    Helping companies become carbon neutral by connecting directly to a company’s accounting systems.

  • Filia

    Integrating programmable solar technology into the fabric of blackout blinds.

  • Greener Beans

    Catalysing a shift to a more sustainable food system by empowering shoppers, supermarkets and food producers to reduce the environmental impact of their food choices.

  • Hopes Sustainability

    A climate action education programme for schools across the UK that raises awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • Mana Biosystems

    Commercial production of insect protein to Global South, replacing fish & soya meal by farming insects on organic waste.

  • Nanomox

    A patent-pending process that enables the production of high-performance inorganic materials, in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, for different applications including cosmetics, electronics and batteries.

  • Nourisol

    Sustainable and cost-efficient biofertilisers, with algae isolated from farmers’ soils.

  • NuOceans

    Creates durable and sustainable products from recycled waste that previously polluted oceans and beaches. NuOceans believes that with positive action and collaboration, we can and will rebuild a safe, thriving, sustainable environment.

  • Olwg

    Olwg makes the complex manageable by developing a one-stop-shop platform for interactive, easy to use web applications – allowing energy transition and low-carbon developments to be quicker, more cost effective and easier to understand for decision-makers.

  • The Tyre Collective

    The Tyre Collective is a clean-tech start-up spearheading the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, accelerating the shift towards zero-emission mobility.

  • Treeconomy

    Using remote sensing and machine learning to provide a trusted end-to-end supply chain for nature-based CO2 removal, bringing trust and transparency to the carbon offset market.

Cohort two

Meet the startups that are part of the cohort 2 of The Greenhouse

Over the past decade, the College has produced more start-ups in these fields than any other UK university. Imperial was a founding partner of the Climate Knowledge Innovation Community (Climate-KIC) and, since 2012, has delivered the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme, one of the world’s leading climate change solutions accelerators. In just eight years, 55 start-ups completed the programme, raising over $200M.