Cohort two

  • Angry Monk

    An online platform aggregating fresh, quality surplus across the supply chain, which they sell to restaurants, institutional canteens and food manufacturers. As a funnel for surplus produce, Angry Monk will also facilitate donations to food banks and charities.

  • AromatEco

    Modifies algae to produce carbon negative flavour and fragrance chemicals from CO2.

  • Deep.Meta

    A metals AI software that improves production yields in metals manufacturing by identifying potential defects. Saving time, reducing scrap rates and lowering CO2 emissions.

  • Deploy Tech

    A game-changing innovation in water management, developing the first-ever air-deployed, ready-to-use concrete water tank. When folded and packed, it can be transported on a standard pallet and after the simple deployment process it can reach a volume of up to
    40,000 litres.

  • ESG Base

    An AI tech platform that helps investors and policymakers deploy their funds and efforts to greener, more sustainable and resilient real assets and infrastructure.

  • Evotrack

    Delivers data analytics services that help businesses and planners controlling the life cycle of public charging infrastructure and deciding where to invest to deploy new charging stations.

  • FlexSea

    Designs the future of single-use plastic packaging with a revolutionary home-compostable film based a sustainable and affordable resource: seaweed.

  • Honeycomb Network

    Aims to develop, install and operate a network of smart-charging e-scooter locker pods to secure our micromobility future.


    An online marketplace that assesses the sustainability of each product, creating a sanctuary for the conscious consumer.

  • Moree

    A grocery delivery service with a focus on sustainability.

  • OptimalSlope

    A user-friendly geotechnical software for the design of optimal pitwall profiles for open pit mines.

  • Seratech

    A revolutionary new carbon negative concrete. Our goal is to see this in as many new buildings as possible and help decarbonise the built environment.

  • ZeroBees

    Technology to democratise carbon consultancy and demystify carbon footprinting so that all organisations - large and small - can work to minimise their climate impact and achieve net zero.