Cohort three

  • Agave Networks

    A B2B blockchain tracking marketplace to enable and reward the upscaling of excess materials in the manufacturing industry.

  • Bioataraxis

    A 100% plant-based surfactant from waste that performs as well as the main surfactant used in cleaning products.

  • BioZeroc

    A biomaterials science company using biotechnology to create carbon-negative construction materials.

  • CarbonShift

    A software platform stepping businesses through the least-cost decarbonisation of a building portfolio, based on the latest insights from experts in industry and academia.

  • Climate Business

    A learning programme to reduce the risk of the net zero transition by building trust, understanding and adaptability across supply chains.

  • CO2CO

    A novel process of growing microalgae to decarbonise the atmosphere, while converting this into biochar for forestry and agricultural process, hence recarbonising the biosphere.

  • Croptimise

    A platform to reduce crop disease and pests globally using intelligent data tools so that growers are equipped to make the pest epidemic manageable.

  • Ferris

    A zero waste app for giving and getting once-loved items for free. Exists to inspire consumers to reduce waste by making the circular economy fun and rewarding.

  • HydroHammer

    A research and development project working towards reducing the carbon emissions and risks of hydroelectricity, while increasing output and resilience at marginal cost.

  • Lylo Products

    A product which helps students wash their laundry using less water than a normal washing machine.

  • NetZeroNitrogen Ltd

    Developing and commercialising a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertiliser.

  • Radiant Matter

    Developing the next generation of colour and material solutions for the circular textiles economy.


    An alternative to traditional and synthetic dyes through making natural powder pigment dyes from food waste.