Cohort four

  • Alo Mundus

    Alo Mundus offers a platform and network solutions for investing in urban forestry with the ability to create tangible social and biodiversity impacts beyond carbon offsets.

  • BlueNose

    BlueNose have developed an algorithm that can be retrofitted on container ships, improving aerodynamics and ultimately reducing fuel consumption.

  • Cool

    Cool is closing the carbon cycle, with tech that up-cycles carbon dioxide into an advanced material (carbon nanotubes), permanently storing emissions in a profitable and scalable application.

  • Gridicity

    A B2B software service that makes charging and discharging schedules for electric vehicle fleets to earn them money while reducing emissions.


    Helping sustainable fashion brands outwit greenwashing and grow their business with SHADE: a Chrome extension built for shoppers to find sustainable fashion apparel using visual search anywhere across the web.

  • Sow Foods

    Sow Foods makes healthy, plant-based meat that is genuinely good for you. Our products are free from ultra-processed ingredients and have exceptional taste and texture.

  • Tak Tuk

    Tak Tuk help retailers decrease packaging use for their e-commerce operations with innovative design reducing overall material needs and enabling reuse.

  • Team Repair

    Team Repair encourages the next generation to repair, not replace, tackling the electronic waste crisis. They send children strategically broken gadgets to fix, with accompanying educational content, to teach them the real-life skill of repairing things in a fun and engaging way.

  • Wave Mining Solutions

    Wave Mining Solutions harness wave energy to generate electricity and restore beaches.

  • Acer Resources

    Vertically farmed fresh fruit & vegetables. Sustainably delivered. For everyone.

  • Cresco

  • DyeRecycle

  • Nodum Industries

    ChargeBridge by Nodum - Bridging the charge gap. We provide EV charging solutions for terraced home residents.

  • Wonki Collective

    The Wonki Collective is the UK’s first fully customisable grocery subscription dedicated to stopping food waste. It rescues surplus and deliciously 'Wonki' produce from the supply chain that would otherwise go to waste.