Bill Gates-backed fund aims to invest $15bn in clean tech

Financial Times covered the plans of a future investment of $15bn in clean tech by Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, a private-public fund backed by Bill Gates.

Our Director of Innovation at the Grantham Insitute Climate Change and the Environment, Professor Richard Templer was quoted in the article:

“There has been a big increase in private and philanthropic investment in clean tech since the beginning of the pandemic, according to Professor Richard Templer, director of innovation at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College, London.

“This is patient capital, it is large capital,” said Templer. “In the past, venture capitalists would just say, this is an engineering project, it is not for us . . .”. But that is changing and new funding models are being developed, he said.”

Check out the full article on the FT’s website.